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Apply by Oct. 23 for STEM Pathways: One-Day Training in Synthetic Biology for Grades 10-12, Nov. 3

This Tuesday is the deadline to apply for a one-day Training Session in Synthetic Biology in a real, synthetic biology environment. It’s offered to students entering Grades 10-12 (ages 16 and older) by STEM Pathways — the synthetic biology outreach program of the Living Computing Project — and the DAMP (Design | Automation | Manufacturing | Prototyping) Lab.  It will be held 10AM-4PM on November 3 on the Boston University campus. Apply online by 8PM on October 23. Include the name, email, and phone number of a teacher, mentor, or coach as a reference. For more information, email, or call Rohin at 617-299-0816.

Register for Northeastern’s Building Bridges Program, Nov. 30

Every other year, Northeastern University’s Center for STEM Education offers its one-day Building Bridges program to enable high-school students to explore Northeastern’s College of Engineering. Faculty and students from all the school’s departments explain various engineering disciplines, career paths, high-education opportunities, and research opportunities. Activities may include:

  • Design and Test a Bridge
  • Implantable Biomedical Devices
  • Design and Build and Electronic Night Light
  • Synthesize Slime
  • Streamline a Sports Utility Vehicle
  • Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing
  • Computer chip Design and Fabrication
  • Simulate an Earthquake

Parents and families are encouraged to explore the campus while students participate in the program. This year the event will be on November 30 from 9AM to 2:15PM. The cost is $15, including lunch. Registration is open now.

High-School Students: Register by Oct. 26 for MIT Splash, Nov. 17-18

MIT’s Splash program runs each year on the weekend before Thanksgiving — this year, on November 17-18 (10AM-9PM on Saturday, and 9AM-6PM on Sunday).  Splash gives students in Grades 9-12 the opportunity to take a wide range of mini-courses and participate in walk-in activities.  BostonTechMom has this informative post recommending MIT Splash.  This year, over 300 courses will be offered in the areas of ScienceComputers & ProgrammingEngineering, and Mathematics — plus other stuff. The cost is $40 regardless of the number of courses taken, and generous financial aid is available.

The first phase of registration is now open until October 27 for students to specify their preferences for classes.  Classes will then be filled by lottery, treating equally all those who register anytime in the first phase of registration.  Lottery results will be available by October 31. MIT notes, “To get a full schedule, we recommend ranking at least 3 classes and starring at least 10 classes per time block. All class choices will be entered into the lottery. This is not first-come first-served; classes will be assigned after student registration is closed, so take your time.”

Boys & Girls Club Seeks Volunteer to Run LEGO We Do ‘Mighty Mechanix’ Program for Elementary Students

The Boys and Girls Club of Newton seeks a volunteer who is passionate about fostering skills with youth, to help implement the Mighty Mechanix program this winter and spring. It will require one hour per week on a day of the week to be determined. This program will use LEGO’s We Do 2.0 curriculum, which is designed to engage and motivate elementary students’ interest in learning science and engineering using motorized LEGO models and simple programming. Please reach out to the Club’s Education Director, Cassie Soller ( to express interest or get more information.

High-School Students: Register Now for Boston College Splash, Nov. 4

Boston College will hold BC Splash on Sunday, November 4, 10AM-4PM.  Splash is a one-day, student-run program in which undergraduates and graduate students teach mini-courses for students in Grades 7-12. There’s also an optional one-hour session for groups of Splash students to talk with current BC undergraduates. There’s a $5.25 fee for the day, which includes a pizza lunch.  Registration is required, is first-come/first-served, and is open now until just before midnight on November 2. For more information, email or call at 617-297-7524. STEM-related classes in the course catalog include:

  • Fundamentals of Experimental Molecular Biology
  • An Introduction to Einstein: The Special and General Theories of Relativity
  • Egg Drop!
  • Exploring all 2 METERS of your DNA: An Introduction to Genetics and Genomics
  • The Big Bad World of Bats!
  • Coding in Python: Where to Begin?

Coding Butterfly: New, 4-Step Lesson Plan Starts Early Nov.

Coding Butterfly has developed a four-step lesson plan for introducing kids to coding and moving with them as they grow and progress.  Each step consists of weekly lessons over 12 weeks:

  • Step 1:  Creative Electronics and 3D Print (Micro:bit, Scratch, and TinkerCad).
  • Step 2: Robotics and Digital Art
  • Step 3: Game Design and Hardware Coding in Python
  • Step 4: Microprocessors and Machine Learning

Classes for Step 1 start in early November in Newton, Boston, and Norwood.

Grades 9-12: Registration Open for Northeastern Splash, Nov. 3 & 10

Each fall, NEPTUN (a Northeastern University student group) hosts Splash! (Waterfall), a free program for high-school students to take mini-classes led by Northeastern undergraduate and graduate students.  This year it will be held on two consecutive Saturdays, November 3 & 10, 10AM-3:20PM, in Ryder Hall (11 Leon Street, Boston).  Registration is first-come/first-served and requires setting up a free student account.  Bring your own lunch. For more information, contact This year’s catalog includes these  STEM-related classes:

  • Cookie Assembly Line
  • Reverse Egg Drop
  • Intro to Environmental Engineering
  • Create Your Own Website
  • Monte Carlo Simulations
  • Science Squad:  Various Experiments
  • Forensics:  How to Get Caught Being a (totally not) Russian Spy
  • This is Your Brain on Drugs
  • How the Brain Smooths Movement
  • Psychiatric and Neurological Disorder
  • How (not) to Die in a Chemistry Lab
  • The Science to Science

Register for Clark University’s Fall Splash, Grades 5-12, Nov. 4

Clark University’s Fall Splash — a one-day, free program offering 29 classes for students in Grades 5-12 — will be held November 4, 10AM-5PM on the Clark campus (950 Main St., Worcester). Students should register as soon as possible because classes fill up.  The day is free, with lunch included.  For more information, email STEM-related classes include:

  • Imaging Atoms
  • Forensics: Find Out What Really Happened
  • It’s a Liquid…It’s a Solid…It’s Ooobleck!
  • STEM Majors 101
  • Clark University Rapid Response: Saving Lives and Taking Names
  • The Perfect Storm

New Clubs for Grades 6-8 at Makers’ Corner (at Underwood)

The new Makers’ Corner for Grades 6-8, located at Underwood School, has these new after-school clubs open for registration:

  • 3-D Printing Introduction and Designing for Real Life:  Tuesdays, 2:00-4:15 PM, October 9, 16, 23, 30, & November 6.  Solving real-life design problems with 3-D modeling, 3-D printing, and Tinkercad.
  • Stop-Motion Animation:  Thursdays, 2:45-4:15 PM, October 11, 18, 25, November 1, & 8.   Make a short movie using found or handmade characters and scenery.
  • Woodworking Club:  Fridays, 2:45-4:15 PM, October 12, 19, 26, November 2 & 9.  Make wooden utensils (spoons, spatulas, chopsticks), coasters and other wares.

You-Do-It Workshops: Learn to Solder, Oct. 26 & 27

YouDoIt Electronics — one of the few places left in Boston that caters to electronics hobbyists — will offer one-hour Learn to Solder workshops at four times: October 26 at 10AM or 3:30PM and October 27 at 10AM or 3:30PM. The workshop costs $14.90 and is at the store, on the Newton/Needham border (right off Needham Street near the entrance to Rte 128).