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New England Sci-Tech Offers Online Classes

The New England Sci-Tech STEM education center in Natick is offering online classes in science fact and fiction.  Many of the classes are free for members, and admission is low-cost for everyone else. Amateur Radio License Course – Technician (all ages): … Continue reading

NNHS STEMentors Club Offers Experiments to Try at Home

The Newton North HS STEMentors club was formed to bring STEM lessons to Newton students in Grades K-8 in schools, libraries, and expos. During COVID-19 #FlattenTheCurve closings, STEMentors is offering a montage of science experiments for kids to try at … Continue reading

Science Pickle: Free Game to Hone Your Skills in Questioning

Science Pickle offers a free game to help you hone your skills in questioning and finding patterns in numbers (in series, between pairs, and among triplets). John Pickle asks that anyone attaining Expert level with three or fewer misses should … Continue reading

The Knowledge Society Offers Remote Learning Materials

The Knowledge Society, with offices in Cambridge and several other cities, is a 10-month accelerator program for curious and ambitious teens to learn how to use emerging technologies to solve big problems. It’s now offering these online resources for teens: … Continue reading

WGBH Distance Learning Resources: Broadcast and Streaming

The WGBH Distance Learning Center is broadcasting educational programming in science and social studies, noon to 5PM daily for Grades 6-12 on WGBH WORLD (Comcast 956, FiOS 473, RCN 94, Cox 807, Charter 181) and WGBY WORLD (over-the-air 57.2, Comcast … Continue reading

Empow Studios Offers Parents Uninterrupted Time ;-)

Empow Studios is offering working parents 2-4 hours of uninterrupted time each weekday through its new virtual online STEM classes for kids to learn coding, digital arts, and design in small classes with live instructors. Classes are organized by grade … Continue reading

Neo.Life: Online Conversation About Engineering Biology, Apr. 9

On April 9, 7-9PM, Manifest Boston will live-stream a conversation about engineering biology, highlighting a new book, Neo.Life: 25 Visions for the Future of Our Species. Register here. The conversation will be in Long Conversation format (“a daisy chain of … Continue reading

Tumblehome: Free STEM Books If You Review Them

Tumblehome Books, a non-profit STEM book publishing company in greater Boston, is offering a series of free STEM books (shipping included) in its Read-Review-Repeat program. Select a book from their list, read it, review it on Amazon (good, bad, or … Continue reading

Christa McAuliffe Center Offers Online Learning Resources

The Christa McAuliffe Center at Framingham State University offers teachers and caregivers these STEM resources for Grades PreK-12: ISS Image of the Week from the International Space Station DIY Universe to develop an understanding of how the universe works STEM At … Continue reading

Boston Tech Mom Catalogs Instructor-Led Online STEM Courses

Boston Tech Mom has gathered information about several instructor-led online STEM courses.