New STEM Programs at New England Sci-Tech

A NewtonSTEM reader calls the New England Sci-Tech STEM education center (16 Tech Circle, Natick) “a serious, wonderful MetroWest resource for kids crazy about physics, space science, ham radios, woodworking- everything they have to offer.” Each paid NESci-Tech membership covers a student plus an adult. Here are some of NESci-Tech’s upcoming programs:

  • Your Project in Space: Citizen Science Projects for Teens: Grades 8-12. Nine Saturdays, February 8 – May 30. Teams of 2 to 4 will see their science projects go to the edge of the atmosphere on a high-altitude balloon (HAB) to be launched in May. Learn about the atmosphere, HABs, and tracking technology. Analyze the results when you recover it. Free for paid members of NESciTech plus $55 for materials.
  • Workshops for Homeschooled Students: Grades 4-10. 9AM-Noon or 1PM-4PM on Tuesdays (Grades 4-7) or Thursdays (Grades 6-10).
  • Radiation Matters: Citizen Science Projects for Teens: Ages 13-18. Five Sunday, January 5 – February 9. Teams design and implement “Citizen Science” projects involving radiation. Free for paid members of NESciTech plus $55 for materials. (Future workshops will focus on the atmosphere, oceans, energy, and gravity.)
  • FIRST LEGO League Club: Ages 9-16. Fridays, 6:30PM-8PM, plus some optional sessions on Sundays. Join any time of the year. Teams of up to five will follow FLL guidelines and compete at NESciTech Free for paid members of NESciTech.
  • Amateur Radio Programs: A variety of courses and events.