NASA’s Advice on Viewing the August 21 Solar Eclipse

The August 21 solar eclipse will be visible in totality from within a 70-mile-wide band across the United States, from Oregon to South Carolina, for a couple of minutes in each location.  From elsewhere — and before and after those brief minutes of totality within that band — the eclipse will be partial and thus will present a danger to anyone viewing the sun without proper eye protection. NASA’s advice on viewing the eclipse safely includes a list of reputable vendors of solar filters and viewers. Avoid off-brand, sub-standard “eclipse glasses” that are reportedly being sold. Since retinas do not sense pain, it’s possible to incur severe damage to eyesight without being aware of it at the time. Watch safely, so you can see future solar eclipses, too — including the one over Newton on May 1, 2079 at 6:06AM!