Newton South HS Science Dept. Open House, May 31

Newton South HS’s Science Department will hold its annual Open House on May 31, 3:30-6:30PM.  Current and future NSHS students and their parents — and the general public — are invited to come talk with science faculty and students to learn about their work.  Featured exhibits and activities include:

  • Open classrooms, with displays of student work, including:
    • Family Chemistry Poster projects
    • A.P. Biology projects
    • Honors & ACP Biology energy projects
    • Physics Meets Biology poster displays
  • DaVinci STEAM projects, including:
    • Engineering projects
    • Computer 3-D animation
    • Murals on canvas
    • Live music / music synthesizers
  • Presentations by the NSHS Science Team and the LigerBots Robotics Team
  • Fun With Chemistry demonstratons for kids, by A.P. Chemistry students
  • Technology & Engineering display
  • Sustainability/ garden display