Russian School of Math Volunteers at Boys & Girls Club

DSC_2641Selected high-school students from the Russian School of Math are volunteering at the John M. Barry Boys & Girls Club to engage B&G Club members in Grades 2-4 in the wonder and fun of mathematics.  The program is in its fourth week and will continue through May, with the expectation that it will be repeated in following years.  Sixteen RSM high-school students were selected for the program based on their interest in teaching and their ability to relate well with elementary students.  Each Thursday, 8 of them come to the B&G Club, under the supervision of an RSM teacher, for an hour of math teaching and games with 16 B&G Club members.  Each RSM volunteer and each B&G Club member involved has made a year-long commitment.  The program is free for B&G Club members, offered as part of RSM’s community-appreciation activities.  (B&G Club membership is open to all for $125 per family per year.)