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LigerBots Offer Free Virtual Summer Camp for Grades 1-6

Building upon their successful Awesome Mentoring Project during the shutdown this spring, Newton’s high-school robotics team, the LigerBots, will offer a free, virtual summer camp for students entering Grades 1-6 in the fall. Kids will be grouped by Grades 1&2, 3&4, and 5&6. Classes will include programming, dance, astrology, and much more. The camp will be run over Zoom, with Slack for communicating with parents. It’s free, and materials will be provided. Sessions will run every weekday, 9AM-12:30PM, for multiple two-week sessions:  July 6-17July 20-31August 3-14, and August 17-28. You may sign up for multiple sessions, though capacity is limited. Sign up by June 22.

Live, Online STEAM Summer Workshops for Grades 1-12

STEAM Workshops, based in Newton, is offering live, online STEAM workshops this summer for middle- and high-school students. Enrollment is limited to 10-15 students per workshop. Workshops include: Zoom into STEAM (Grades 1-5), Math Circle (Grades 2-7), SAT II Biology Tutoring, Innovations in BioTech (Grades 8-12), and Translational Medicine and Research (Grades 8-12). Program dates are flexible. For more information, email

Register for MIT’s Summer Virtual HSSP, Grades 7-12

Students entering Grades 7-12 (plus those who just graduated) are invited to register for MIT’s Summer HSSP, which will run virtually this year on six Saturdays, Noon-5PM, July 11 – August 15. Register by June 25 with your preferences for classes to be entered in the lottery for class assignment. The total cost is $40, which is paid after the lottery results are announced. Generous need-based financial aid is available. For more information, email HSSP is run by MIT students, this year Zooming from far and wide to offer 90 courses, including these STEM-related ones:

  • Introduction to being a Code Ninja with Julia
  • Intro to WebDev; Do you want to create a website to call your own while learning how to code?
  • Introduction to Programming with R
  • Game Design and Development with Minecraft and Java
  • Bayes, Bays, and Bacteria: Bayesian Pattern Discovery in Biological Systems
  • Elliptic Curves, Complex Tori, and Fermat’s Last Theorem
  • A Construction of the Numbers
  • Introduction to Linear Algebra
  • Competition Math for Middle School
  • Generalization Bounds in Machine Learning
  • Models of Computation
  • Discrete Math for Computer Science
  • Intro to Intro to Abstract Algebra
  • The Mathematics of Music
  • Mathematical Models and How to Build One
  • Mathematical Modeling of Diseases
  • Mathematical First Days
  • The Gadget Framework: Which types of changing mazes can simulate each other?
  • A Cute Introduction to Group Theory
  • Molecules in Motion: Intro to Biological Thermodynamics
  • A History of Science (minus Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton)
  • Do you want to be a Doctor?
  • Introduction to Immunology
  • Mechanisms of Disease
  • Help Solve Climate Change!
  • How to Make a Child: Developmental Psychology Crash Course
  • Masters of Light
  • Weird and useful microbial metabolism
  • Biochemical Principles of Energy Metabolism
  • Introduction to Thermal Sciences and How They Can Help Save the World!
  • Virology, Epidemiology, and Wellness during COVID-19
  • Thermodynamics with Applications
  • Pathology naturewalk
  • Intro to Synthetic Biology!
  • Alchemy!
  • Introduction to Economics
  • Food Science – Cooking for Experimentalists
  • Pandemics, Epidemics and Genomics
  • SAT at home Physics
  • Women’s Health
  • Introduction to Genetics
  • Introduction to Criminology
  • Intro to Vaccines
  • The Biological Basis of Neurological Disorders
  • Physics- From Newton to Relativity, Black Holes, Inflation, the Universe and Beyond
  • Quantum Computing!
  • Fundamentals of the CRISPR-Cas9 World
  • The Incredible Diversity of Microbial Life
  • Pandemics Explained
  • All About Immunology!
  • Food Science 101
  • How to Build Nuclear Weapons
  • Searching for Minds, Empirically: Introduction to Neuroscience of Consciousness
  • Searching for Minds, Metaphysically: Introduction to Philosophy of Consciousness
  • Seedy Dealings: The Rise of Plants
  • From Engineering Genes to Fish Glowing Green: the Basics of the Biology and Ethics of Gene Editing
  • Cool Theories in Math and Physics by Caltech Students
  • From Molecules to Machine Learning: Introduction to Neuroscience by Caltech Students
  • The 6 Coolest Topics in Biotechnology!
  • Great and Small: Crazy Electrons
  • Stem Cells and Cardiology
  • BRAINSSS – how do they work?
  • Fusion Energy: MIT’s Pathway to Unlimited Clean Energy
  • Geobiology and Astrobiology
  • Sporetacular Origins: Intro to Mycology
  • How the immune system works
  • Technology in Forensic Science
  • Introduction to Epidemiology
  • Saving Lives: The Science Behind Public Health and COVID-19
  • Science in the Kitchen: Edible Experiments
  • Environmental Geoscience

Edge on Science: Safe, In-Person Summer STEM Programs

Edge on Science will offer safe, in-person, week-long summer STEM programs at Lasell University in Newton. Choose among eight tracks: Super Science Sampler, Drone & Code, Summer Rocket Blast Off, Catapult Engineering, Bridge Building, the Hydraulics Makerspace, Galileo’s Astronomy and Microscope Adventures. Under its COVID-19 rules and guidelines, enrollment is limited to 8 students per program and programs are designed to allow students to remain 2 meters apart. High-school students may apply to be Counselors-in-Training (see FAQ #6). For more information, call 315-773-5673.

Harvard Museums of Science and Culture: Summer Science Weeks

The Harvard Museums of Science and Culture will offer week-long virtual Summer Science Week programs with live Zoom programs followed by at-home activities for children entering Grades 1-6. With each Zoom session about 40-50 minutes, the programs will take a total of one to two hours per day, depending on your child’s level of interest. Programs are limited to 10 students each. Cost is $65 ($58 for HMSC members). Registration for each program closes one week beforehand. For more information, email

Grades 1-2 at 9:30AM and Grades 3-4 at 10:30AM:

  • Spineless Wonders: June 22-26 or August 3–7
  • Space!: June 29–July 3 or August 10–14
  • Earth Explorers: July 13–17 or July 20–24

Grades 4-6 at 9:30AM:

  • The Ins and Outs of Skeletons:  July 27–31 or August 17–21

iCode: Summer Camps, both Online and Onsite

iCode (73 Central Street in Wellesley) is offering summer camps for ages 6-18 — both online and onsite — in the areas of AI & Machine Learning, Multiplayer Game Development, 3D Printing & Product Design, Robotics, Game Development & Design, App Creation, Digital Artwork Creation, YouTube Production, Minecraft, Roblox, and coding for high school students. Click the links above for schedules, details, and how to register. Rigorous safety protocols will be followed for onsite camps.

The Innovation Institute: Let’s Go Outdoors!

The Innovation Institute is offering “Let’s Go Outdoors!” summer programs that combine online get-togethers with outdoor explorations. Its Summer Living in the Lab course, July 6-31, has separate sections for ages 5-8, 9-11, and 12-15. Three virtual gatherings a week — for learning and sharing findings — will be hosted from Ti2’s Virtual Field Station in England by evolutionary biologist and naturalist, Dr. Arkhat Abzhanov. In between sessions, students will conduct structured explorations to discover, identify, compare, and learn about their natural surroundings. Explorations will highlight evolution, natural history, zoology, comparative anatomy, and geology. Children who are old enough will explore independently, and younger ones will need a caregiver/partner to join them. Enrollment closes June 13 — and tuition is discounted for enrollment by May 31.

MSEN Discounts for Aspire: Virtual Robotics Summer Camps

Camp: ASPIRE offers online robotics summer camps run by UB Tech from June 15 through August 28, five days a week, four hours a day, for ages 8+. The Metrowest STEM Education Network offers these discount codes for the camps:

Beginner Camps (use code METROSTEMBEG):

Intermediate Camps (use code METROSTEMINT):

Boston Tech Mom’s List of Online STEM Summer Camps

Boston Tech Mom has curated a list of online STEM summer camps for a variety of ages, experience levels, and interests.

Kids 4 Coding: Virtual Summer Camps, Ages 7-16

Kids 4 Coding, based in Atlanta and now in its 5th year in Massachusetts, is offering one-week virtual summer programs running June 1-August 21 with a maximum of five students per instructor (see instructor bios). Use code SAVE50 for a $50 discount. For more information, email or call 800-484-2664.

  • Adventure Academy MMO:  Students in ages 7-9 combine gaming with learning in an open-world, instructor-led fantasy multi-player environment.
  • Kids 4 Coding Virtual Camp: Students in ages 7-16 code mobile apps, Roblox Studio games, and Minecraft mods, learn to code in a Python-based music environment, and learn to use Adobe Illustrator and PhotoShop for graphics and design.
  • Party of Five: Groups of five friends may join together to turn any Kids 4 Coding camp into a private coding camp for themselves.