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iRobot Education Offers Free Online Coding Platform

iRobot Education has launched iRobot Coding, a free online platform for all levels of learners, from pre-readers to higher education. It offers three progressive levels of learning and coding along with lessons and activities to pursue. Try it here. This is one of several iRobot learning tools available for students, educators, professionals, and communities.

MassBioEd Seeks Career Ambassadors in Life Sciences

MassBioEd seeks to recruit more life-sciences professionals into its Career Ambassadors program to share their career experience and enthusiasm for life sciences.

Makers: Join MASC to Help Make Face Masks

Makers Against the Spread of COVID-19 (MASC) seeks people with sewing machines and/or 3D printers to help produce reusable personal protective equipment (PPE) — specifically face masks — for hospitals in the greater Boston area. Email to help. MASC is sponsored in part by You-Do-It Electronics.

Edge on Science Co-Sponsors “Our Planet Our Purpose” Challenge

Edge on Science is co-sponsoring the Ashoka ChangeMakers sustainability challenge, Our Planet Our Purpose. Teams of at least two students (with the lead being 14-18 years old) will each propose a solution to an environmental challenges. Sign up for the challenge here. Although the submission form indicates that each student-led project must be in operation for at least three months, this is not required. The founder of Edge on Science, John Aviste (315-773-5673 or, will be available to mentor teams. Entries must be submitted by May 14 and will be publicly available between that date and the date on which 25 winners will be announced. Each winning team will receive $1000 in seed funding and admission to the ChangeMaker Summit — two days of mentorship, coaching, and skill building.

Khan Academy Co-Sponsors Breakthrough Junior Challenge Contest

Khan Academy is co-sponsoring the Breakthrough Junior Challenge, in which students in ages 13-18 create videos (3 minutes or less) to explain a challenging concept in physics, mathematics, or the life sciences in an engaging, illuminating, and creative way. This year, the videos may also be about the science or math behind the causes, impacts, and potential solutions of the COVID-19 health crisis. Substantial awards are available to the winning student and that student’s teacher and school. Last year’s finalist videos are here. The dealine for entries is June 25.

N.E. Chess School Offers Real-time, Online Chess Classes

The New England Chess School offers real-time, online classes for youth in ages 5-14, in six progressive levels, emphasizing not just the game but life skills. Each one-hour class starts with 15 minutes learning a new concept from certified chess coaches, then 10 minutes class discussion of chess puzzles, followed by 30 minutes of simultaneous chess games between students and teachers. In-person classes will return when the time is right.

MetroWest STEM Education Network: At-Home Resources

The MetroWest STEM Education Network has created a web portal of resources for at-home STEM exploration. It offers this survey to solicit input on other STEM education resources to include. There’s also a STEM Family Survey to help guide the selection of  resources to be provided in the future.

Science From Scientists: At-Home STEM Resources & a Challenge

Science from Scientists, which provides in-school STEM enrichment to teach and inspire students in Grades K-8, offers a range of at-home STEM learning activities in Anatomy & Physiology, Chemistry, Engineering, Earth Science, Life Science, Physics, Scientific Practices, and Technology. At that site you can sign up for email notices of future activities and learn how to enter the monthly STEM At Home Challenge.

Einstein’s Workshop: Free Virtual Learning Workshop

In keeping with its goal to help kids make, design, build, code, and learn together, Einstein’s Workshop is offering #StayAtHome parents and kids a lot of free online STEM resources.  Visit Einstein’s Virtual Learning Workshop for free, trustworthy virtual classes and tutorials to help entertain and educate. There are recorded videos, a daily live video session, printable activity sheets, apps and tools, and other resources.  The content is updated every day by the Einstein’s Workshop team.

Boston Globe Asks: How is Online STEM Learning Working for Your Family?

This week a Boston Globe reporter read NewtonSTEM posts here and here about online STEM education resources available for families remaining at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, and this week NewtonSTEM highlights several more online resources. Sydney Hager, a Boston University journalism major and Boston Globe reporter focusing on Newton, would like to interview parents of students using such online STEM resources to learn about their experience. Some of these resources are new offerings, created quickly from in-person curricula, and there will surely be a lot of experimentation and improvement as we all learn about learning remotely. Sydney would like to know about your initial experience, as well as your hopes and suggestions. If you would like to be interviewed, email Sydney Hager at