Museum of Science #MOSatHome Schedule, June 1-5

Boston’s Museum of Science offers free live online sessions with museum educators the week of June 1-5, with similar events scheduled at the same times in future weeks. Register via the link above for these:

  • Coolest Science Stories: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 12PM.
  • Science in Action: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 1PM, including Water is Weird, and Playing with Polymers.
  • Virtual Planetarium: Tuesday at 1PM, Friday at 2PM, including Exploring Space and The Sky Tonight.
  • STEM Beyond School:  Monday through Thursday at 2PM: At-home engineering activities, including Exploring Computers and a Weekly STEM Challenge, using the Museum’s EiE curriculum.
  • Ask a Scientist: Monday through Friday at 3PM and Tuesday at 12PM:  Q&A panels on topics such as marvelous mammals, human evolution, lightning, and space exploration.
  • Live Animals: Thursday at 1PM, What’s That Smell?