Register for Boston College Splash!, Mar. 29

Boston College will hold BC Splash on Sunday, March 29, 10AM-4PM.  Splash is a one-day, student-run program in which undergraduates and graduate students teach mini-courses for students in Grades 7-12. There’s also an optional Parent Program for learning about Boston College, student life, and admissions.  Registration is required, is first-come/first-served, and is open until March 27. There’s a $5 fee for the day, which includes a pizza lunch. Registrants will receive an online link for payment one week before the event. For more information, email or call at 617-297-7524. STEM-related classes in the course catalog include:

  • Poker Master: Introduction to Probability Theory
  • The Art of Integration
  • Jumping Genes: Mechanism and Implications
  • Paper Chromatography of Inks: A Forensic Investigation
  • Introduction to Genetics
  • Straws and Turtles: Our Global Plastic Pollution Problem
  • Just the Basics: Intro to Acid/Base Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry in 50 Minutes