Register for Science on Saturday (Our Amazing Atmosphere and Its Gases) at MIT Lincoln Labs, Apr. 4

Registration is now open for the Saturday-morning session of Science on Saturdayon April 4 at 10AM at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory (244 Wood Street in Lexington).  The topic will be Our Amazing Atmosphere and Its Gases, presented by Lincoln Laboratory’s Jude Kelley. Learn about the different gases that make up the atmosphere and the roles they play: Dense fog from solid carbon dioxide, freezing things with liquid nitrogen, and cryogenically cooled superconductors making magnets levitate in mid-air. All children (5-17 years) must be escorted by an adult, and every adult must be escorted by a child or children.  Children under 5 are not admitted. Admission is free but each person attending must be registered.  Space is limited. Register online by April 3 (March 21 for non-U.S. citizens). Register an adult first, then a child, then others. Adults must bring government photo identification.  See other rules on the registration pages.