Museum of Science: Butterfly and Caterpillar Weekend, Aug. 17-18

Boston’s Museum of Science will hold its annual Butterfly and Caterpillar Weekend, August 17-18. Attendance is free for anyone admitted to the museum’s Exhibit Halls.

This year, the weekend features the Butterfly BioBlitz census, in which you can participate in two ways:

  • Download the free app iNaturalist (iOSAndroid) and join the project called “Museum of Science Butterfly BioBlitz 2019.”
  • Download and fill out this recording sheet.

Other weekend activities include:

  • Caterpillar Lab, 10AM-3PM
  • Capillary Action Butterflies (Make and Take), 10AM-4PM
  • Little Naturalists: Butterfly Classification (Drop-In Activity), 10:30AM- 12PM and 1:30-3PM

And in the Butterfly Garden (requires purchase of separate timed ticket):

  • Monarch Migration Game, 10:30AM-12:30PM
  • Create Your Own Butterfly Habitat, 1PM-3PM

And these live presentations:

  • Live Animal Story Time, 10:30AM
  • An Unusual Butterfly Journey, 11AM
  • The Caterpillar Lab: Looking Deeper into the Whole Story of Lepidopteran Lives, 11AM
  • Eww, Bugs!, 1:30PM
  • Butterfly Biology 101, 2:30PM
  • The Coolness of Silk Moth Cocoon Spinning Behavior, 2:30PM
  • Garden Frenemies: Insects! Love ’em or Hate ’em, 3:30PM