Grades 7-12: Register for Boston College Splash!, Apr. 6

Boston College will hold BC Splash on Sunday, April 6, 10AM-4PM (yes, on a Saturday this year!).  Splash is a one-day, student-run program in which undergraduates and graduate students teach mini-courses for students in Grades 7-12. There’s also an optional one-hour session for groups of Splash students to talk with current BC undergraduates. There’s a $5.25 fee for the day, which includes a pizza lunch.  Registration is required, is first-come/first-served. For more information, email or call at 617-297-7524. STEM-related classes in the course catalog include:

  • Stacking Up: Intro to Recursion
  • Stop Blocking Me! Crash Course in Asynchronous Programming
  • Exploring Sharks
  • What is Forensic Science?
  • Cancer and Embryogenesis: The Start and End of Life
  • The Big Bad World of Bats!
  • Egg Drop!
  • Your Genome and You: What’s the Human Genome Project?
  • Genetics
  • The Science Behind Slime