Free STEM Workshop for High-School Students: How to Read a Scientific Paper

STEM Inspiration Organization (S.I.O.) will host a free STEM workshop for high-school students — The Complex Task of Reading Scientific Papers — on January 12, 3PM-5:30PM, in Waltham. In this workshop focusing on biology and neuroscience, a researcher will teach students skills usually taught in college for analyzing professional journal articles. To register, go here, then click on “Sign Up,” then click on “3:00PM,” then click on “Next,” fill out the form, then click “Book It.”

S.I.O. is composed of high school students from many towns in Metrowest Boston. As a non-profit organization, S.I.O. aims to engage community members in STEM topics to further their understanding and to inspire students to consider careers in STEM fields. For more information, email