Sign Up by Feb. 13 for MIT’s Spring HSSP, Saturdays, Grades 7-12

MIT’s Spring HSSP is a six-week academic program for Grades 7-12, held at MIT on Saturdays, February 24 to April 7 (except March 17), noon to 3PM.  All online registrations completed by February 13 will be considered equally in the course-assignment lottery, and registrations after that will be taken first-come/first-served until February 20.  The cost is $40 per student (regardless of the number of courses taken) and generous, need-based financial aid is available. Email for more information.  The Spring HSSP course catalog covers many academic and non-academic topics, including these STEM offerings:

  • Creating Mobile Apps with MIT App Inventor
  • Inference and Optimization: An Introduction to Modern Machine Learning
  • Learning about the Cloud through MIT App Inventor
  • Learning To Code through Battlecode
  • Science Journalism
  • A Tour of Set Theory
  • Three Dimensional Geometry
  • Relational Databases Before There Were Such Things
  • A Tour of Cool Mathematics
  • Math and Science Lecture Series
  • Secrets of the Immune System
  • How Do You Generate Electricity from Water?
  • Memory and Mind Control: An Introduction to Neuroscience
  • Thermo!
  • Grammar as Science
  • Science Through Experiments: Hands-on Fun
  • Special Relativity
  • The Science of Nutrition: A Microscopic to Macroscopic Exploration