SUMIT Collaborative Event for Girls in Grades 9-10 Who Like Math, Feb. 3 & 4

SUMIT is a fun, mathematically intense, fully collaborative, all-day, large-scale math collaboration for girls in Grades 6-10 who like math. It’s hosted annually by Girls Angle, a math club for girls in Cambridge. SUMIT is not a competition but is a collaborative math/theater event in which participants must self-organize and overcome math challenges toward a common overall goal. Participants do not need any experience in math and should simply bring an enjoyment of thinking about math and an open mind.

This year, there will be two separate sessions, each running 8:45AM to 4:30PM at the Broad Institute in Cambridge. Girls can sign up for either February 3 or February 4, as grade-specific space is available.  Currently there is still room for girls in Grades 9-10.  A wait list is available for grades that are filled. The $50 fee will be waived for students demonstrating financial need. Register here. For more information, email Learn more about the Girls Angle club in their bimonthly Bulletin and blog.