STEM Talks at TEDx@BeaconStreet at JFK Library, Nov. 18

There will  be several STEM-related speakers participating in the TEDx@BeaconStreet event at the John F. Kennedy Library on November 18, 8AM-9PM. In-person seating is currently full for each block, but you can register here and then get on the waitlist. If you don’t clear the waitlist, you’ll still be able to view the simulcast, either onsite or online.

  • Gina Ford, Principal Sasaki Associates
  • Jim Heppelmann, President and CEO, PTC
  • Hiroshi Ishii, Associate Director MIT Media Lab
  • Satchidananda Panda, Professor Regulatory Biology Laboratory at Salk
  • Valerie Mosley, Chairwoman and CEO, Valmo Ventures Bio
  • Cady Coleman, NASA Astronaut, NASA’s Office of the Chief Technologist
  • Justin Werfel, Senior Research Scientist, Wyss Institute at MIT
  • John Ryan, Co-Founder, Banyan Infrastructure
  • Lindiwe Matlali, Founder and CEO of Africa Teen Geeks
  • Olle Ljungqvist, Professor of Surgery at Örebro University Hospital
  • Bernard Harris, Former NASA Astronaut
  • Tal Achituv, MIT Media Lab, Center for Civic Media
  • Kathy Kleiman, Founder of ENIAC Programmers Project
  • Tal Zaks, Chief Medical Officer, Moderna Therapeutics
  • Fiorenzo Omenetto, Associate Dean for Research & SoE Tufts University
  • Mina Khan, Software Engineer at Google
  • Osman Kibar, CEO at Samumed