MITS: 2018 STEM Professional Development Seminars

The Museum Institute for Teaching Science will hold a series of professional-development seminars at Clark University in Worcester for staff, volunteers, and other museum professionals, as well as teachers.  The cost is $40 per day, with discounts for multiple days.  Register and pay online.  Dates are topics are:

January 24

  • Extreme Events and Climate Change: What We Know and Some Ideas About What to Do About It
  • How We Know What We Know: Using Real-World Data to Explore Key Climate Concepts

February 14

  • Developing a Taste for Molecular Biology
  • Sharing Science: Connecting Scientists and Engineers with the Public

March 28

  • Dig In: Strengthening Sustainability Learning Through Farm-to-School Connections

April 24

  • The Technology, Data and People Behind Forecasting in the National Weather Service
  • Engaging Students with Weather & Climate Through Media